Saturday, June 18, 2011

Becoming a Spectacle When Visiting One

After listening to the monk reading for a while, we continued exploring the grounds of Wat Pho. Golden Buddhas were everywhere and yogic statues were everywhere!

Finally, we followed the snaking crowds and found Wat Pho's main attraction - the Reclining Buddha. Each of his toes was about the same size as me, but much more posh. Instead of sweaty travel clothes, it was inlaid with mother-of pearl to look like toes prints. The center of the feet was even more elaborate, with a 1000-point star.

As we left the giant Buddha, we turned from spectators into a spectacle ourselves. This India family was very enthusiatic about taking photos with us, the two oversized blonde girls. This was the most complete photo, but there were many variations on it! We have heard that this will become a very common when we get to India.

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  1. Finally a post! "Oversized blonde girls" :)
    Keep up the photos of yourselves - I am wanting many of those. Great details... Love, Dana's Meh

  2. Changed my name. :). I am doing this on a French website....

  3. Hi Dana, Cool blog. Need more pics of "oversized" girls!! Say hi to Karen. Looking forward to more posts. Love, Auntie