Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going Batty

This, my friends, is a bat.

In our hotel room. I turned on the A/C unit, and out it flew! I have no idea how it fit inside, nor how it got there. It flew in circles around and around our tiny room until we successfully tricked it into the hallway. We then promptly fell asleep. I guess daily encounters with mosquito clouds, rats, and giant cockroaches makes a person relatively immune to bat trauma.
On a related note, today I watched a man on a motorbike pull up alongside a roadside vendor, who measured a heaping cupful of fried, crispy, leggy bug medley into a plastic bag for him. He crunched them as he pulled away. Grosser than a still-beating snake heart ("good for man at nighttime" wink wink)? You tell me, but both are readily available in Vietnam.

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